Our Visitation Policy

We understand that puppy buyers are often advised to visit the home of the breeder before they decide to purchase a puppy from them to see Mum and Dad and where we raise our puppies.
Unfortunately we can no longer encourage visitors to visit our dogs and pups as the a risk of accident or disease increases with visitors coming onto our property. We don’t believe it is responsible to put pups which have been promised or sold to puppy buyers at risk. People are very excited when waiting for a pup to come home and if anything happens to stop this happening it is heartbreaking for them and us.
We believe that it is less stressful and safer for puppies to fly to their new home as this usually takes less time and reduces the risk of a puppy picking up a disease when you stop to toilet them when driving home.  Remember that until a puppy has had its second vaccination it is not immune to common diseases.