Our Past Puppies


Massive thank you to Shearbliss Beagles for our furbaby Floki. We are head over heels for our new addition. Purchasing a pup from another state can be extremely nerve wrecking but Shearbliss were friendly, patient and answered all of my queries as well as sending me important info and photo updates every step of the way. Highly recommended breeders 😊

Parents of Floki the Beagle

Thor our beautiful Shearbliss boy is now 8 months old. He has an incredibly sweet and gentle nature. Loves everyone and everything. He is a typical crazy dofus Beagle puppy and we love him dearly. He is as beautiful on outside as he is on the inside. Full of energy and love. For those looking for a breeder Thor has no health issues or genetic defects or abnormal behaviours. He has a good coat and the vet is happy with his overall physical health and development. When he arrived he had been conditioned for a normal, noisey life both inside and outside. He had clearly been treated properly by his breeders to ensure a smooth transition into his new home and shows no signs of being treated in a way that may create problematic behaviours such as seperation anxiety. He is good with children and the elderly. Shearbliss was fabulous to liase with during purchase and sale price is the recommended amount for a pappered pure bred Beagle. If you have the time for a Beagle puppy look no further than Shearbliss Beagles

Parents of Thor the Beagle

I just Wanted to thank you again for giving us such a calm natured puppy, she has such a great personality. We are already looking forward to adding another Shearbliss Puppy to our family.

Parents of Lola the Beagle

We definitely think she is the cutest dog in the world... She is so loving, sweet and funny and has bought us so much happiness!

Parents of Bella the Beagle

She's such a beautiful girl, a little mischievous at times but really lovely natured.

Parents of Aria the Beagle

Dusty is fitting well in to our family...He is a lovely dog and appreciate you letting him become and part of our family

Parents of Dusty the Beagle