Small hound, that is what a beagle is classed as. Commonly know for that extraordinary skills in scent tracking and companionship. Because of this skill as soon as a beagle picks up a scent they will follow that scent until the reach the end or the trail is broken.
Beagles as breed show positive characteristics such as companionship, determination and playfulness.
Beagles absolutely love being in the company of their family.
Beagles are active, curious dogs, so it's in their nature to roam.
Beagles are loving, gentle and friendly dogs with an independent streak and an intelligent nature

There is no better breed of dog that you can trust with your family members of all ages

The average life expectancy of the Beagle is 12 to 15 years, with a median of 13.5 years. Many Beagles live well into their teens.  But in saying that there are many things that can affect a pets life and can even extend there life past the average life expectancy. Diet and lifestyle play a huge part in ensuring a long and healthy life of your beagle.

Some things to think about when owning a beagle:

- Beagles are a compassionate breed and its not uncommon for families to allow their puppy to live in their home, however, beagles are also capable of living outside, but when your pet lives outside it is important that they have a designated area to sleep with a bed that has warmth and ventilation. In their area that must also have shelter from all weather.

- Socialisation is important for any dog, beagles are a happy and energetic breed who are inquisitive so it is important that your puppy is adequately socialised so that they are well behaved around other people, dogs, animals and unexpected noises.

- when our puppies go home they have been wormed every 2 weeks since birth and are vaccinated between 6-8 weeks of age. When your puppy goes home you will receive information on when you are to next worm and vaccinate your puppy. It is always important to know/prevent/manage parasites that are in your area so you are best equipped to protect your puppy. It is also important to always follow the manufactures instructions when it comes to providing your dog with protection unless advised by a veterinarian.

- When you are looking at adopting a puppy you must have a veterinarian located close to you in which you can develop a rapport with so that if you experience an emergency situation they can give you immediate help. Receiving help from a animal behaviourist may not be necessary it is still important, beagles are easy to train but bad habits can be hard to train out of a dog, so if you have left it a little to long it is important to get help from a animal behaviourist.

- When you leave a pet at home they may have unexpected or undesired outcomes, as beagles are a companion dog they may not like being left at home alone for extended hours in a day. When you first bring your puppy home it is important to not leave your puppy alone form more than 2 hrs at a time as socialisation and training are of high importance when they come home at a minimum of 8 weeks. When your puppy has been trained and can enjoy being unattended for a longer period of time you are able to leave your pet alone for 8hrs.

- According to ASIC’s MoneySmart, the average cost of owning a dog in Australia is $1,627 per year.. The cost of owning a dog can be broken down to reasons why you would pay this amount each year. Such as, Vet expenses (yearly vaccinations and health check ups, pet insurance, bedding, toys etc. Flea, tick and worming medication, Councial registration, and a hpet food. Obviously this is just an average cost, and can change depending on factors such as high quality food is more expensive than and the above average cost doesn't include grooming and training costs.

About Us

We love our Beagles, growing up beagles were in our lives and what wonderful pets they were, they are not only playful but they were loyal and compassionate.

We are a young family who is passionate about our amazing breed, Our Big puppies (mum and dad) are our family pets and we do everything to ensure they live a happy, healthy life.

When you join the Shearbliss Family we want to keep in touch so we can see how our babies grow into the loving companions they are! We are with our puppies form the day they are born until they go home with their new family, and when this happens we do get upset because we put all our love and attention to raising the perfect puppies and when they go hoome we want to see how our babies grown because as ethical breeders it is important that we know what the progeny of our litters look like when they grow old with their loving families.

What is a Shearbliss Beagle?

A Shearbliss Beagle puppy has a great start to life because we don't only love our puppies but we love our big puppies (mum and dad) they are a part of our family and are treated like royalty. Our pets are in our home but also able to adapt to being outside. When our mum is in season we make the best decision for her! She is our gorgeous girl and means the world to us and nothing comes be her or our handsome boy. When we have a litter they are born in our home and are cared for from the moment they are born, we let mum take the reins we watch her we make sure she is doing well and if she is so will the puppies that she has. Our Beagle puppies and taken care of every single day until they go home to their new families.

We give our puppy buyers a informational package that has tips and tricks on raising a beagle. They also are able to contact us if they have any questions.

When you buy a Shearbliss Beagle, you are buying a purebred beagle that has been raised in a loving and caring home. Your puppy will be registered with a nationally recognised registry where you will receive a free membership to the Smart Dogs Owners Club.

We pride ourselves in raising the perfect family pet that will be full of energy and compassion. Our puppies are loved and cared for from the day they are born from both their mother and ourselves.

You can be comfortable in knowing that we strive for the best in our dogs in both physical health and structure as well as temperament.