Small hound, that is what a beagle is classed as. Commonly know for that extraordinary skills in scent tracking and companionship. Because of this skill as soon as a beagle picks up a scent they will follow that scent until the reach the end or the trail is broken.
Beagles as breed show positive characteristics such as companionship, determination and playfulness.
Beagles absolutely love being in the company of their family.
Beagles are active, curious dogs, so it's in their nature to roam.
Beagles are loving, gentle and friendly dogs with an independent streak and an intelligent nature

There is no better breed of dog that you can trust with your family members of all ages

About Us

We love our Beagles, growing up beagles were in our lives and what wonderful pets they were, they are not only playful but they were loyal and compassionate.

What is a Shearbliss Beagle?

When you buy a Shearbliss Beagle, you are buying a purebred beagle that has been raised in a loving and caring home. Your puppy will be registered with a nationally recognised registry where you will receive a free membership to the Smart Dogs Owners Club.

We pride ourselves in raising the perfect family pet that will be full of energy and compassion. Our puppies are loved and cared for from the day they are born from both their mother and ourselves.

You can be comfortable in knowing that we strive for the best in our dogs in both physical health and structure as well as temperament.